Martas Vineyard Canine Resort

519 Federal Road
Brookfield, CT 06804


Marta's Vineyard Canine Resort Services

.To ensure your pet is cared for and pampered throughout the day, Marta's has an incredible large team of pet technicians, who are continuously working to ensure all pets are happy and enjoying their vacation!

***All doggie guests must be mild mannered**



All-Suite Accommodations

  • With various-sized suites, we have the perfect fit for every pet
  • The only pet resort in the area with 10 outdoor play yards
  • All guests are taken outside 3 times a day, free of charge
  • Each guest enjoys elevated bedding and daily housekeeping services
  • Advanced air purification system keeps air fresh and clean, everyday
  • Soothing music and tasteful murals for a peaceful environment
  • Heated floors and climate controlled suites
  • Rewards program
  • Many add-ons to customize the ultimate vacation                 
  • For air quality our resort uses Hepa MERV #8 filters and MERV #8 air filters. 
  • We have UV lights that are 99% air kill in all pet centers and are ozone free.           
  • For air flow our resort uses wall air vents for proper exchange of air per hour, providing enough ventilation to flow cubic feet of air for all the buildings.                                                                       


A Luxury Retreat for your Furry Family

Marta’s Vineyard Canine Resort was designed to be the safest, cleanest, luxurious home-away-from-home for your furry family. We prioritize the health and happiness of your pets.


Here are some unique features that make our facility special:

  • Set on five beautiful acres of land
  • Tall, secure fences and multi-gate systems protect our play yards
  • State-of-the-art ventilation systems keeps are fresh and clean all day, everyday
  • 24-hour smoke, fire 7 security system 
  • All-suite boarding means maximum comfort and luxury for your pet
  • Bonus indoor activity center for added playtime


Benefits of our private suites

What makes us unique is that each dog has their own personal and private suite, allowing for a safe and comfortable stay at our resort!


  • 10% off each additional pet in same room
  • Your pet can enjoy their own bedding & toys
  • Your pet won’t be rushed to eat their food
  • Relaxed environment for pets who may be nervous
  • No sharing water or food bowls means a sanitary and safe environment
  • Less risk to contract contagious conditions, such as kennel cough, fleas, conjunctivitis, intestinal parasites, etc.

You can choose one of the following rooms:

Main Suites

Junior Suites

Luxury Suites

Petite Center

Comfort Center