Martas Vineyard Canine Resort

519 Federal Road
Brookfield, CT 06804


Doggie Day Care





Private Room without Group Recess

This is for pets that like their own space and prefer interacting with people rather than dogs. Book a room in one of our resort centers. Choose a Petite, Main, Junior, or Luxury Suite.  Exercise 3x a day one on one with a technician only. 


Private Room with Group Recess

Your pet can play with other guests for Doggie Daycare! What a great way for your pet to socialize with other dogs!

Pets can intermingle with each other during playtime twice a day for one hour with our pet technician manager who organizes activities with other Doggie Daycare guests.


We interview pet owners prior to doggie recess. Each dog must pass our Pet Evaluation and Assessment before participating in doggie recess to ensure all dogs have a safe and enjoyable experience. Pets are slowly introduced to the doggie recess group after passing their pet evaluation.


Daily Activity Schedule:

- Massage Monday

- Tasty Tuesday

- Wacky Wednesday

- Top Dog Thursday

- Fitness Friday


 High season:$30 a day  Off Season: $25

$17 for 1/2 day

Trial day 1/2 price for full or part day


Daycare Packages Offered:

Full Day- 10 day $270 saves $3.00 per day

                 20 day $500 saves $5.00 per day

Half Day- 10 day $150 saves $2.00 per day

                 20 day $280 saves $3.00 per day

Daycare Guests need:

A clean health record

Up to date vaccinations

To be social dogs; those good with people and other dogs are the best candidates

To be 6 months and older

Spayed or neutered ( fixed)

Flea and tick  free & use a flea/ tick preventative          

For the safety of dog guests as well as our team members, some pets will not be allowed.