Martas Vineyard Canine Resort

519 Federal Road
Brookfield, CT 06804


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I know that pick up time for my pet is by 12 noon or I must pay for the day. I understand that during high season rates increase. I authorize MVCR to do what they deem necessary, after consulting with their veterinarian, for the health and wellbeing of my pet and agree to pay for any/ all expenses. I authorize MVCR to use their veterinarian if deemed necessary and agree to pay for any/ all expenses of the veterinary services. I understand that MVCR is not responsible for any items I bring that may be lost, damaged, or ingested by my pet. I agree to pay the daily posted rates and will call 24 hours in advance for early pick up or know I will be charged for the scheduled pick up time I initaled on my admission form. I release MVCR from all and any liability as a result from boarding by my pet. My pet is healthy with no medical condition(s) upon entry. If my pet does have a medical condition I have reviewed it with the front office. I have read this agreement on this date and understand its terms.
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