Martas Vineyard Canine Resort

519 Federal Road
Brookfield, CT 06804


Where the dog is always right!

Petite Suites

Our Petite Center is the best for our small canine guests! These include toy poodles, cockapoos, shih tzu's, maltese, yorkies, and other toy breeds. This center is exclusive to small dog guests who enjoy seeing other dogs their own size. Each tiled room is 4x10 in size, ideal for one or two dogs from the same family, with plenty of walking, prancing, and playing space.   


Standard rate: $34

High Season: $38

***All doggie guests must be mild mannered***


"We love, love, love the people at Marta’s! Cassie, Kelly, Ilde, Gabby, and the rest all spoil our little guy! Joie had never been boarded until we took him to Marta’s last year. He now runs excitedly to them as we enter the building. He gets all the food, water, medication, exercise and love that he needs- and some extra services that they offer. Even a heated floor! I never worry about him- and I am by nature an anxious mom. Thank you all at Marta’s!"

-Lisa Marcy