Martas Vineyard Canine Resort

519 Federal Road
Brookfield, CT 06804


Playtime Academy 

Playtime Academy rate: $20  each time

Playcare Academy package: 5 times for $80 

You don't need to have your pet board or participate in daycare to take advantage of this service!

Our Playcare Academy is a one on one manners & basic training program.  Is there one thing about your dog you would like developed or is there a behavior you want modified?  Some basic manners or commands to learn that can make your pet a shining star every day? 

From simple things like sitting and waiting to more developed tasks let us know!  It's individualized according to what you want.   That's what we are here for and really enjoy developing your pet's skills!   We will give you a Playcare Academy report card so you can then practice these skills in your own home and can come back to enhance the skills!    

We not only have years of experience working with pets, we have lots of certifications from continuous education programs regarding pet behavior and training!  

Call or go on our website to set up a  time!  You can also schedule this service while your pet is at Marta's for daycare or boarding!